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CDDR Zambia | Coalition for the Defence of Democratic Rights
  • Welcome to Washington, Guy Scott

    Delegates to the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit should ask Guy Scott the tough questions about human rights in Zambia.

  • Sanctions Needed against PF Officials

    The CDDR is seeking assistance from foreign governments to impose limited, targeted sanctions against government officials responsible for violence.

  • Embassies Should Remain Vigilant

    The CDDR writes an open letter requesting foreign embassies not to support the "one-party state subsidy."

  • Commonwealth Urged to Investigate Zambia

    The CDDR has launched a comprehensive report demanding action. Read more here.

  • CDDR Writes to Sata

    The CDDR is calling on the Zambian government to halt the unlawful persecution of the political opposition. Read the full letter here.

Freedom House Slams PF Govt

The following is an excerpt of an article written by Cathal Gilbert and Juliet Mureriwa of Freedom House. Read the full article here. Sata seems oblivious to the repercussions of his actions, and in late February he confirmed the appointment of “his” Chitimukulu, Chief Chewe. The Bemba traditional establishment is not impressed, stating that this …

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Press Freedom under Threat in Zambia

The following comes from the annual report of the Committee to Protect Journalists: Promises of a freer media environment by the Patriotic Front, which won election in 2011 after a campaign that pledged greater broadcast media freedom and a law promoting access to information, had yet to be fulfilled by late 2013. Journalists operated cautiously …

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Video: Zambian Government Must Halt Incitement of Violence

Sata PF symbol nice close up

The following video contains recordings of Zambian President Michael Sata ordering the army to go to Lukula in Western Province to fire upon Zambian citizens, as well as footage of Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba rousing the cadres to engage in violence during the last campaign, and the footage from Judge Ngoma’s public assault against …

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